Training Facilities

Facilities – I am able to perform 1-to-1 training in a variety of locations in North London, UK .

    • QoLUP Gym – Totteridge, London.UK – Well equipped home gym with off-street parking.


Squat rack, adjustable bench, olympic bar, 200+ kg weights, dumbells, grip trainer
Heavy duty (350kg rated) squat rack, 400kg rated bench, heavy duty matting
Trap bar, chains, dip station
Trap bar, chains, dip station + EZ curl bar (not shown)
  • Outside in the park, Barnet area.

  • These facilities do not require you to have a monthly membership; the cost of the session includes your entry to the gym.  Longer term I can advise on what would be best suited for your needs in terms of outdoor training, training at home, joining a gym or using a local sports centre.