Powerlifting training

I offer Powerlifting training for both men and women.  For those wanting to add explosive power and strength to aid their chosen sport, those wishing to get strong in a safe way and for those looking to compete.  I’m a firm believer in drug free lifting and all of my competitive lifters have lifted with the BFPFA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association).

All 4 of my clients, who were looking to compete, successfully lifted at a regional event.  3 qualified for a National single lift event and all who competed claimed a top 3 spot in their weight/age category entitling them to enter an international event.  One lifter broke 2 national records.

I can help with technique, nutrition and with programme design.  Typically I would teach or assess technique in the 3 lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift) at my home gym.  I would then generate a 8-15 week programme for the lifter to work through, sending me video clips and feedback each week.  This allows me to tune the programme along the way and provide technique critique.  Normally at the end of a cycle I would invite lifters to ‘max out’ with other lifters in a competitive but supportive environment using competition rules.  The cost varies but a 2 hour technique session (1-on-1), 10 week programme (with weekly support) and a maxout session would be £250.

If competitive powerlifting is not for you, then I have have experience with swimmers, rugby players and cyclists looking to add strength to achieve peak performance in their chosen disciplines.

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