A year’s worth of training – Part 2

James with a successful attempt at 100kg squat a new lifetime best (Jul-16)

This is a follow-up to my A year’s worth of training post from Nov-16.

It follow’s a year’s worth of training for one of my clients, James. You can see results from his 3 MaxOut sessions in 2016 here – Client Progress.

Pictorially he’s his year – James2016Timeline

End of year targets (based on 60kg predicted body-weight)

  • Squat BW x 1.5                     1 x 90kg
  • Deadlift BW x 2                    1 x 120kg
  • Bench Presss BW x 1            1 x 60kg
  • Overhead Press BW x 0.75   1 x 45kg
  • Squat BW x 1                        20 x 60kg

End of year results (Bodyweight was 60.1kg)

  • Squat 1 x 115kg – 25kg above target
  • Dealift 1 x 125kg – 5kg above target
  • Bench Press 1 x 62.5kg – 2.5kg above target
  • Overhead Press – 42.5kg – 2.5kg below target
  • Squat Bodyweight x 20 – tbd

Fantastic progress in 2016 across all lifts but especially the squat, where James has shown some great nature talent and development.

Next Year sees James in his first powerlifting meet with the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) in January with the near certainty that he qualify for the Nationals in Mar-17, where he should be able to be place in the top 3 in the teenager 1 class in the 67.5kg bodyweight division.

A structured approach and adaptation along the way brings results.  James’ rugby has had a real boost this season with his extra power – if you’d like to improve your own strength then please contact me through this page Contact Me or Facebook


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