Online coaching

Online coaching

This requires an initial questionnaire and follow-up questions to allow me to gain an insight into your physical history, current physical shape, long term goals and exercise experience.

If you are happy to workout by yourself but would like to learn how to perform the exercises safely and effectively, then how about a single 1-to-1 session which will be tailored to demonstrate effective exercise technique and then move to the online coaching model.  Bring you own camera along and we’ll make guidance videos throughout the session for you to refer to each time that you work out.

Most of the communication for online coaching will be through email.  The client must be able to send through training updates each week to allow the coach to regulate the intensity and volume of the future workouts. Guidance on the type of information and how to communicate it will be provided.

3 x 4 week plans
Each plan to build upon the last
Email support
Nutritional guidance
£240 – total 12 week training plan with email support.

Add in a single 1-1 “teaching” session for the 3 major lifts – squat, deadlift and bench press for an additional £70 (likely duration 1.5 – 2 hrs).