Debut competition

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James entered his first powerlifting meet with the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) on 14 January 2017.

Weighed in (wearing shoes and a tracksuit) at 65.1kg and was entered into the T1 67.5kg unequipped class (14-15 year old, unequipped meaning no supersuit or knee wraps).  Given this was his debut meet at a divisional level he lifted in shorts and a tee shirt – but wore squat shoes and barefoot shoes for the deadlift.

Results 9 successful lift out of 9.  3 x personal bests.

Squat 117.5kg.  Bench 65kg.  Deadlift 130kg.

He qualified for the nationals in Mar-17 and has decided to compete in his strong event the squat.

This is a continuation of his journey, Part 1 and Part 2.  Click here to see the videos.

Anyone can compete at powerlifting – the correct coaching and sensible training will enable you to lift safely and provide you with concrete goals and measurable progress – contact me for details.


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