MaxOut session

Several times per year I hold Max Out sessions for local clients.  These allow the client to try for 1 repetition maximums in a safe environment with competition powerlifting rules applying (British Drug-free Powerlifting Association).  Clients can choose to lift squat, bench press and deadlift in a non-pressured but encouraging environment.

MaxOut 19 Dec 2019

End of year MaxOut session for a couple of people back from university, one at the end of a block of rugby months with a hinderance to recovery time and a shoulder injury and one who has been training hard for a couple of years doing his own routines.  I took the opportunity to see how some of the heavier weights felt following a long recovery from a groin injury.

James – New PB squat at 145, narrowing missing 150.  No bench due to shoulder pain – rugby related.  He nailed a 150 deadlift but missed 160 – pretty good for not having deadlifted since the summer.

George – hadn’t trained at university but his squat and deadlift remained good at 110 & 160 respectively.  With previous PBs of 115.5 & 170 set 3 years ago.

Ed – has been training with friends for the last few years and making good gains.  During a maxout session 19-Dec-16 he lifted 107.5 (SQ), 75 (BP) & 155 (DL) @ a body-weight of 75kg.  3 years on he hit 150 (SQ), 110 (BP) & 200 (DL) @ a body-weight of 85kg – he has had a 220kg deadlift a few months earlier.  There are good realistic gains for a drug-free lifter over 3 years.

Michael – resumed training after leaving for university so effectively 10 weeks.  New PB squat – 100 and deadlift 140.

I didn’t max out but have had a good injury free run of reasonably heavy training resulting in 120, 110, 180 versus lifetime PBs of (150, 125, 220).

MaxOut 21-Dec-19

Rep MaxOut 19 Dec 2017

End of year MaxOut session with a difference.  The two lifters, who qualified for the 2018 BDFPA National Singles have been working hard for 9 weeks in preparation for the meet on 17-Feb-18.  The 9 weeks saw them working on the mid-repetition range throughout and the maxout session was focused on the same.

Emma’s PB4 deadlift moved from 132.5 to 143.5 in just 3 months.  Using a bespoke prediction model, this should add 10kg to her 1RM.  Within the 9 week programme she has PBs for 5,6,7,8,9 & 10 repetitions.

James added 25kg to his PB5 on the deadlift, which on formula adds 10kg to his 1RM.  The reason for the lower move in the 1RM is that James is a squatter and rarely pulls for repetition PBs in the deadlift.  In the squat he added 7.5kg to his PB6 for a nice round 100kg x 6.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing with a couple of injuries meaning that Emma could not squat for the last half of the programme and a wrist issue for James necessitating the use of wraps.

The chart below provides insight into the relative strengths across the full repetition range for the deadlift for Emma.  The middle section of the repetition range is showing the highest 1RMs, after 1 week of rest the focus will be to translate that into the lower repetition range in preparation for the meet.

SE-Divisional 14 Oct 2017

Two lifters attend the South East England divisional meet on 14 Oct 2017 at Redhill, Surrey. It was a debut competition for Emma and James’s 2nd divisional.  Both had their sights set on qualification to the unequipped national championships, scheduled for February 2018.  Click the link above for the numbers for the day.  Emma easily qualified for the unequipped deadlift in the women’s 80kg class. James qualified in both the deadlift and the squat for the men’s teenager (14-15 years old) 67.5kg class.  As James’ bodyweight was 66.4kg and we had a view that he would leave the 67.5kg class by the time the nationals came around so we needed to ensure that he lifted enough to qualify him in the next weight category up, which is the 75kg class.  Which he did.  See James’ 140kg deadlift from the videos submenu under “Client Progress” on the main menu.

Emma’s successful 150kg personal best deadlift
Emma’s 150kg deadlift

MaxOut 4 Sep 17

Something different this week, with a powerlifting divisional meeting to peak toward mid October this session was to test the lifter’s PB5.   This information has then been used to create peaking routines covering the next 6 weeks.

Emma is on target for her first competition:

Start of year (2017) Squat 67.5kg, Bench Press 45kg, Deadlift 110kg.

Oct 17 targets – Squat 100kg, Bench Press 50kg, Deadlift 150kg.

MaxOut -26-Jun-17

New Personal Best Improvements – 26 June 2017 maxout session 

Emma – Squat – Added 27.5kg onto her PB (since 27-2-17)
Emma – Deadlift – Added 2.5kg onto her PB (since 20-3-17)
Phil – Deadlift – Added 1.5kg onto his PB (since 20-3-17)
Edward – Squat – Added 15kg onto his PB (since 19-12-16)
Edward – Bench – Added 2.5kg onto his PB (since 19-12-16)
Edward – Deadlift – Added 10kg onto his PB (since 19-12-16)
James – Bench – Added 12.5kg onto his PB (since 20-3-17)

Emma with a successful 147.5kg PB after a cycle plagued with injuries.
Phil improving his 152.5kg

First MaxOut session of the year – everyone progressed – some super lifting and numerous personal bests.

MaxOut – 20-Mar-17

Phil with a successful 151kg deadlift after returning from injury.
Emma with a successful 145kg deadlift with great technique – this time next year it’ll be the nationals

MaxOut – 19-Dec-16

MaxOut – 05-Jun-16

MaxOut – 17-Jul-16

MaxOut 2016 #2 (Jul)

James with a successful attempt at 100kg squat a new lifetime best
James with a successful attempt at 100kg squat a new lifetime best.  MaxOut session #3 – James successfully squated 115kg at a bodyweight of 60.1kg (age 14).
George with an unsuccessful 100kg bench press attempt. He;ll get that weight and more at the end of year MaxOut session
George with an unsuccessful 100kg bench press attempt. He’ll get that weight and more at the end of year MaxOut session.  Update following MaxOut session#3 (19-Dec-16) – George bench pressed 107.5kg.