Big Day – Part 6

Another Sunday update covering weeks 7 & 8 of this 12 week plan.  Having made notes that the Squats were feeling tough at 112.5kg x 5 and at 115kg x 5, today at the start of week 9 I managed 117.5kg x 5.  So getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable!  A 10km slow run at 1hr 10 mins in week 7 felt good.  The bench press in week 7, 97.5 x 5 was pushed to x7 and today I pressed 101kg x 5.

All things considered good progress. With 4 weeks to go confidence is high that I will get close to some of those old rep PBs.

Midway through week 7 I have also embarked on a side project/experiment – cutting out refined carbs and sugars.  Aiming to keep calorie level the same but sourced less from carbs.  Any drop in bodyfat levels will allow me additional room in my 82.5kg weight-class.

Deadlift of 160 x 5 to look forward to this week.  Dropping the preceding set to a single the last few weeks seems to help.

Reducing training frequency can help, I’ll drop tomorrow’s Monday run – as the weather is looking very bad and the rest may help.  I’ve hit my 12 week goal on the 5km time and would rather sacrifice a few seconds improvement on the 5km run for a few more kgs on the squat and deadlift.  At this stage of the programme, you have some momentum but things are getting tough, look to improve the quality of your nutrition and get that extra hour in bed – breaking new ground is always tough.


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