Big Day – Part 5

I’m writing this on a Sunday at the end of week 6, so the first session of week 7 starts in a few hours.

The ParkRun at the end of week 5 resulted in a 25:20 PB (an improvement of 43seconds) – 6 weeks of running – 2 sessions of between 5-7 km (normally) at a low HR (120-130) and the weekly ParkRun which I run as I feel – either a fast training run, slow run or PB attempt.  The ParkRun yesterday was also a sub 26min, which was the 12 week goal and means that the week 5 run was not a one-off.

Week 6 – Sunday’s Squat 111 x 5 was ok but the preparation Squat on Thursday 112.5kg felt tough.  It maybe time to reduce the volume as the intensity increases, given that I want to improve my PB5 I’ll reduce the reps on the 4 set to either 1-2 before the heaviest 5th set of the day – I’ll judge this week to week.

Tuesday’s deadlift session was at 152.5×5 – again tough and I may have to apply the same approach to reduce the workload by making the 4th set a ‘feeler’.

Thursday – being a preparation day with a x3 at the projected weight for the next Sunday for the Squat, Bench and Row is not too intensive and I follow that with an easy run appears to be an ‘easy’ day in my mind with the knowledge that bar mobility work and walking Friday is a rest.

See the changes below for week 7.


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