Big Day – Part 4 – Little Gems

This update finds me almost at the end of week 5, with just today’s scapular mobility and tomorrow’s ParkRun to do.

Week 4 summary

Sun – Squat 107.5×5 – felt tougher than it should have done – maybe the 10km run the day before had more impact than imaged – as things get tougher I’ll need to prioritise the strength work over the cardio (personal choice)

Mon – 4km easy 50th birthday run
Tues – Easy squat, overhead press 5 x 55kg was ok. Encouragingly my deadlift 145×5 felt ok too.
Wed – no scapular – life got in the way.
Thurs – good – 5km sub 30min (felt good)
Sat – very slow Parkrun (light day)

Week 5 Summary

Sun – 110 x 5 Squat feeling tough (now belted) but form good
Mon – Easy slow paced run
Tues – morning session rather than late afternoon Deadlift – 150 x 5 DL (RPE 8).  Rate Perceived Exertion  – meaning that I felt that I had 2 more repetitions in me.
Thurs – Squat 111×3 feeling heavy. Bench Press 96×3 feeling positive.

Micro plates/Slivers/ little gems

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that I used 111kg for squat and 96kg for the bench – let me introduce Micro plates (or slivers/little gems/partial plates).  They fit a standard olympic bar – my two pairs are 0.5kg and 0.25kg – which always me to make smaller increments that 2.5kg to the total bar weight.  Sometimes the percentage increase of adding 2.5kg to the bar is too much – alternatively you could add the 2.5kg (miss the rep count) and try to increase the following week but I’d prefer the slivers.

The auto-programming has now been replaced by a manual override – so this Sunday I’ll hit 111kg x 5 in the squat, with an expectation of going to 112.5kg the following week (remember I have a light squat day on the Tuesday and a ‘preparation’ day on the Thursday where I hit the next Sunday’s weight but just for 3 repetitions.  Same idea for the bench press 96kg followed by 97.5kg (I always have the option of using the 0.5kg and the 0.25kg and moving to 96.5kg as an intermediate step).  I prefer the week by week weight progression – regardless of how small – remember 20 weeks at 0.5kg per week is still 10kg added.

Lifetime Personal Bests


I’ll cover the deadlift in a subsequent update but for now let’s take a look at Squat and the Bench press – my current working weights are still way down from relatively recent PB5s. But given the training poundages (see below) – I’m happy as I’m surpassing those.  Until the next update – keep healthy/keep moving/keep strong.

Training Poundage used to produce programme



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