Big Day – Part 3

I hadn’t intended to provide an update this week but at the end of week 3 – things have been reshaped and a nice weekly cadence has emerged.

  • Sunday – Weights
  • Monday – Run with conditioning elements
  • Tuesday – Weights
  • Wednesday – Scapular focused mobility and rehab
  • Thursday – Weights followed by a run
  • Friday – Scapular focused mobility and rehab + long stretch
  • Saturday – ParkRun or other

The Friday original plan was for an additional conditioning session but soreness and general tiredness has encouraged a gentler end to the week but with the ability to focus twice weekly on an area requiring mobility work and associated muscle strengthening – I’ll continue these until at least week 6 but will review following that.   This gives me 2 days per week (Wednesday and Friday as what I would describe as Active rest – doing something but nothing that will hinder recovery on the big lifts).

Thursday’s run has developed into a slow 5km run – the Thursday weights is a set of rising 5s followed by a 3 at the following Sunday’s scheduled 5.  Finishing off with a set of 8 at the 3rd rising 5 weight – see below.  I’d say the easiest weights session of the week but with heavy legs for the concluding run.




Week 3 – the 5km ParkRun was switched to a unintentional 10km in a little over 1hr.  Sunday is the toughest squat day and as the weeks pass by the intensity of the Saturday run may have to be lessened to allow a positive Sunday session.

Week 4 is where I match my most recent training PBs as per the programme design, beyond week 5 it’ll be new territory (for recent training weights) but we are a long way from lifetime repetition PBs.

As I write this on the Sunday so I’m looking forward to the start of week 4 and the last training session before I reach 50 years old.


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