It’s all in the plan

It’s best to plan for success. Did you see, in the media today, the article outlining Mark Wahlberg’s typical daily schedule (13-Sep-19) ?

What did you make of it?
Here are my thoughts:

Pros – It caught my attention and maybe yours. It is designed around a definite time based goal (which was apparently a 47 day challenge). He schedules his food around his workouts. There’s time for family and adequate sleep is planned. He’s shared the schedule and some of his workouts – the accountability may encourage him.
Cons – it’s not a schedule that you could run in the long term, it’s not realistic for most people. The sheer precision and training volume/frequency may put people off even attempting to make a healthy change in their lives.

The majority of people could do much less, be less structured whilst still providing themselves with the necessary changes to have a positive impact on their health.
Maybe it’s losing some bodyfat for health reasons, improving your cardiovascular conditioning to help get a little fitter and reap the health rewards that come with it. These things are best achieved when you make changes; but these changes must work for you. Any nutrition change which puts you in a large calorific deficit will result in weight loss – but is it a nutrition plan that you can live with in the long term? Is the weight loss at the cost of healthy lean muscle mass?
What exercise scheme is optimum? The one that you can stick with and keeps you free of injury! Not one diet or exercise plan works for everyone – you’re unique so you should see what works, what you enjoy, experiment a little, keep records and adapt.

Here’s how I can help:

  • I have had lots of experience, working with many people from different backgrounds with different lifestyles and a wide spectrum of goals.
  • I’d get to understand you and your lifestyle before suggesting any changes.
    We’d talk about and catalogue long term goals, breaking them down into realistic short term ones.
  • We’d agree what everyday changes are possible to make and make a realistic plan to only change a couple of them per week.
  • I’d develop a bespoke exercise programme based on your needs and goals – this could be without the need for a gym membership.
  • I’d be there for weekly feedback and encouragement.
  • I’d help you understand what works for you so that in the future you can carry on without my help.
  • I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer and have gained a diploma in Sports Nutrition.
  • Cost – £100 – includes initial consultation (face to face if convenient). Goal setting. 8 week exercise programme. 8 week lifestyle change plan including nutritional advice. This is an online package with the delivery of documents via email or WhatsApp. Weekly feedback via email/WhatsApp too.
    10% discount for Facebook “I am a London Borough of Barnet Bods” members.

Offer ends at the end of October 2018.