Client Success – 18 months of powerlifting training and 2nd in the world


During her regular gym sessions Emma showed great strength in the deadlift and someone suggested that she might like to compete.  Emma came to me in early 2017 where I assessed her technique and performed a strength test.  Emma had a very strong back but not a deadlifting style that I felt was the safest or competition strict.  The first few programmes introduced Emma to powerlifting style training and we worked on her deadlift technique in addition to squatting and bench pressing.    After 10 months Emma went to her first divisional and qualified for the UK singles (BDFPA).  From there a place at the worlds (WDFPA) and in June 2018 was placed 2nd with a great lift of 170kg.

Emma does almost all of her training alone, she only does 1-2-1 sessions with me about once every 8-10 weeks.  But we communicate after each of her 3 weekly sessions over WhatsApp, where I can review the videos of her top sets, provide feedback on form and am able to judge effort – allowing for calibration of this and future programmes.  Great success comes from hard-work, dedication, adaptability and realistic plan.