Big Day – Part 7 – cycle ended

The original programme was 12 weeks long, after week 10 I had a one week holiday with lots of walking and little sleep.  I decided to halt the programme at this point as both the bench and the squat had stalled and I had made good progress without injury.

A reminder of the goals:

A 12 week plan to get back to somewhere near my all time PB5s.
Sub 26 min 5km ParkRun. Reduce body fat to 13%.

I made good progress on the 3 main lifts but didn’t match my old PB5 due to slower progress (smaller increments) than planned and stalling at week 10.
That being said for 5 repetitions my training weights increases as follows:

Squat – up 17.5kg, stalling at 122.5 x 5 – 10kg away from PB5
Bench – up 8.5kg, stalling at 101.5 x 5 – 6kg away from PB5
Deadlift – up 17.5kg, did not stall 162.5×5 – 15kg from PB5

Ancillary lifts
Overhead Press – 61.5kg x 5
Bent over row – 72.5kg x 5
Body-weight down 1.8kg to 80.8kg
Body fat – alas my scales are broken but my skinfold near my waist has reduced from 9mm to 8mm – not quite 13% but reduced to approx 14%.

ParkRun – 5km – down 1 min 02 secs  to 25:20

I was extremely pleased to recover old strength ground, whilst reducing bodyfat.  The 5km run time was no doubt helped by the reduced weight and fitting in 3 runs per week.

What’s next?

The original goals still stand with the modification of a sub-25m 5km run.

I’ll modify the programme to squat, bench and deadlift twice per week – once for strength and once for hypertrophy. This will mean resistance training with weights 4 times per week but with a mix of strength work and volume work.  I’ll increase the ancillaries to include vertical pulls in the shape of chins and arms and direct abdominal work.  Mobility work will move from the scapular to the hips.  Running will continue with the 5km on a Saturday with friends with an additional 1 or 2 outings depending on recovery.  I’ll document the complete plan, schedule and outcome over the coming months.