Less data more wisdom please

It may appear that everything is available for free nowadays – so why bother with a coach?

In this day of free exercise videos, downloadable programmes for strength, powerlifting, body-building and more – why bother building a relationship with a coach and handing over your hard-earned cash?

The short answer is effectiveness – a good coach will have experience, a keen eye and have the health of longevity of his/her athlete at the core of their approach.  Data is available for free, information is readily available but be careful of the source and any biases.  Wisdom is a rare commodity – with the correct application your coach will get you quickly along your path to your destination safely and effectively.

What happens if?

A coach is there to answer the “what-if”/”what now” type of questions when things do not go according to plan.  Having a well formed plan/schedule to achieve a goal is a must, I have never felt that having a plan had not benefited me.  On the other hand, I have never followed a plan that went ahead without a single adjustment or adaptation.


A client misses a session due to other commitments – what’s the right course of action?  Simply skip the session, squeeze an extra one in, roll-back a week?  The answer is “it depends”.  A good coach won’t give you this answer, the coach will know you short, medium and long term goals. He/she will know about any events on the horizon – be that a race, competition or a gym based personal best attempt day.  He/she will guide you because they know your background, physical shape and goals.

A client is having a poor session and knows that the workout scheduled will be very tough and he/she may fail the lift – what should the client do?  If the coach is present then he/she will present the correct option for the day, but what if the coach isn’t there?  A good coach would have provided a framework for the client to make the correct call themselves – it may not end up being the same decision as the coach would make but it is likely to be more productive than a failed set.

Become your own coach

Your ultimate goal maybe to become your own coach, it may take several years but it’s a laudable goal.  You’ll be able to plan your own cycles/phases and individual workouts but don’t be surprised that you still have one of those “what should I do now?” moments – always have a coach to fall back on, discuss ideas, review plans – help you through tough times.

I can help

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